How does the Christ move?
How does the Buddha flow?
How does the Universe stand?

What is Qigong?

“Qi” of “Chi” is the Chinese word that refers to “Life Force Energy.”  In Japan it is known as “Ki”, in Yoga traditions it is known as “Prana.”   Qigong (Chi Kong) is a traditional Chinese exercise, related to Tai Chi Chuan, that promotes the flow of Chi throughout the body, enhancing health and well being.  According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the flow of Chi is a cornerstone of good health and a peaceful mind.   Qigong is mindful, flowing, low impact, and good for all fitness levels and ages!

When your Qi flows in balance, you experience:

  • Calming the mind from stress & anxiety
  • Normalizes blood pressure
  • Increases vitality
  • Relaxes the body to allow healing to occur.
  • Aids in pain management.
  • Improves flexibility
  • Builds confidence
  • Aids in letting go of toxic energies and emotions.
  • Opens the heart for better relationship with self and others.
  • Great complement to counseling, psychotherapy, and other wellness activities.

Qigong for Embodying Higher Consciousness:

The term “Higher Consciousness” has been a popular term in Spiritual movements of the past decades.  It refers to thoughts and feelings aligned to Sacredness as defined in the last era.  In the shift to the Aquarian age Higher Consciousness is still part of the norm.  To live in the Aquarian age is to feel one’s totality as Sacred from thoughts to feelings to body to speech and actions.  Through the practice of Qigong, one trains the body to be an expression higher consciousness.   Furthermore, Qigong practice helps the body and mind  adapt to new Aquarian era vibration.   The Christian tradition says the body is a temple to house the Holy Spirit.  Qigong is a way to keep the temple fit and strong to take the purifications of awakening.

Qigong as Body Language:

One’s body position and movements are indicative of one’s state of mind and heart.  A stressed and worrisome person will stand, sit, walk even breath in a distinct way.  It also reflects the strain put on the immune system and internal organs.  As the body is, so is the Qi that circulates in and around it.  The Qi will most likely be constricted, clogged and deficient in many areas.  All of this mentioned will eventually result in imbalanced health, mind, and emotions.

The movements of Qigong gently unravels body stiffness allowing beneficial Qi flow.  The movements trains the body in proper posture, coordination, and balance.  The toning of certain muscles groups can also be a result.  As the body and Qi flow, so are the mind and emotions just as flowing, calm, and centered.  Balanced movement enhances a balanced life.